Meet Vanessa Brougham

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Ness is a definite people person who loves helping people right from the beginning of their project and building great relationships. She finds it extremely rewarding to bring a smile to a person’s face and to know she’s made someone’s day.Ness grew up in the big city Auckland, where she lived until she moved down to Wellington with her family of three girls and mum and dad. Before starting to work with Mike Price in his businesses Ness worked in a variety of business administration and managerial positions ranging from government department to petroleum company. When she was offered a position with Mike Price, she knew he needed her! Her positive attitude and ability to look at many situations in the most pragmatic light meant they would be a great team.Some comments from previous work colleagues and managers are as follows“Excuse me young lady, I don’t remember allowing you to go anywhere, just kidding, that’s awesome go you, will miss you terribly and your beautiful smile every morning”“All the best Ness, You will be missed because you ‘re such a breath of fresh air and a really lovely, caring, helpful, approachable person.”“I will miss your cheery good morning and smile”“Geez its going to be quiet when you’ve gone and boring!”“Your leaving and it seems like yesterday (9mthsago) that you cam and brightened up the place, all the best wherever you go and I know this place will be the poorer for not having you around”Ness has a passion for cars and people. When she’s not working at one of her four jobs, Ness enjoys going for walks,hanging out with her boys (partner and son) and watching motorsport. Life is number one to Ness, and she loves her family and friends and making the most of every opportunity.