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Video Testimonial – Jasmine

You will have heard a lot of news and discussion about the Healthy Homes Standards affecting rental properties in New Zealand. We thought we’d break down some of the information to make it easier for you to understand your expectations and responsibilities, whether you are a property investor or tenant. While none of these new requirements is hugely expensive on its own (insulation should already be installed), when you add them all together, they can add up to quite a lot when all done at once.

Our five day turn around to fill three neighbouring properties!

How’s this for a good news story? Three property owners handed over their keys to Copo on Monday… and by Friday all three properties were filled. 😲 The properties are situated in a development of 14 brand new townhouses in Waiwhetū, Lower Hutt. We were handed the properties on the Monday, and that same night, […]

Why Is Long Term Maintenance The Best Approach For Your Property?

Contractors behind small house in front

When you notice a maintenance problem, you fix it — right? When the roof starts to leak, the garden becomes overgrown, or the window joinery starts to come loose, the normal response is to call in an expert and get it sorted straight away. At Copo, we do things slightly differently. We plan for upgrades […]

Brand new houses fail the Healthy Homes Standards? What hope do we have!

By now, we’re sure you are very aware of the Healthy Homes Standards. To quickly recap, they are a series of regulations that have introduced specific and minimum standards for rental properties around heating, insulation, ventilation, draught stoppage, and moisture ingress and drainage.

What Does a Fully Compliant Rental Property Look Like?

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If we showed you five photos of five different houses, would you know which ones complied with New Zealand tenancy law?

In New Zealand, all landlords and tenants have rights and responsibilities under the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 (the Act). A rental property must meet compliance guidelines set out by the Act and the Healthy Homes Standards.

Some people mistakenly assume that older homes are more likely than new builds to have compliance issues. In fact, the age of a home is not often a determining factor. What matters most is the knowledge of tenancy law and the Healthy Homes Standards that the property owner or landlord has (and their willingness to comply).

We’ve even seen brand new builds fail compliance checks because builders have missed steps or have tried to take short-cuts. Ultimately, as a landlord, you are responsible for making sure your property is compliant before renting it.