When you partner with Copo as a landlord, you’re not just a client – you’re a business partner, and we treat you as such.

Your biggest investment

Our goal is simple: Success in rental property management together. It’s more than just property transactions; it’s about building solid relationships. We’re here to help you take care of your assets and make sure you get a good return on your investment.

For some people, this will be your biggest investment and diving into the rental property management world can be both very exciting and rather frightening!

Working with a Copo property manager is the easiest way to have all the details of renting out your property proactively looked after for you while you focus on your overall investment strategy.

“Your proactive inspections have ensured we have no maintenance surprises.”

Bob Ulrichson, Newton

“Copo took control and sorted out the transfer of tenancy without any problems.”

Sean Brosnahan, Northland

First time investors

If you’ve got your eye on a property that you’re ready to purchase, or you’re on that first rung of the investment ladder, we can help!

There is so much to learn about property investment, rental property management, having tenants, your legal obligations, and your responsibilities regarding maintenance and tradespeople. We have helped many people successfully and can help you too.

International Investors

If you’ve bought a property in New Zealand but currently reside overseas, having a Copo rental property manager is the smart way to ensure your investment is well-managed.

With us on the ground where your property is situated, the whole process becomes easy and stress-free for you. We can communicate with your tenants, handle inquiries from prospective tenants, and coordinate with any necessary tradespeople, all within the same time zone. We can provide you with accurate photos and videos showcasing the condition of your property.

At Copo, we do the ‘boring work’ for you – staying up-to-date with New Zealand property laws and rental legislation in order to keep your investment safe & secure.

Professional Landlords

If you’ve been investing in property for a while or managing a growing portfolio, partnering with Copo will quickly show you a solid return on investment.

Our rental property management team aims to support the growth of your investments and handle the day-to-day tasks involved, from tenant management, rent reviews, and maintenance to ensuring compliance with New Zealand’s rental legislation.

Using technology to your advantage

Copo property managers use the latest technology to make your role as a landlord stress-free and streamlined.

Our rental property management programs help us attract the best possible tenants for you, make processing applications easy and efficient, and provide a safe and secure way of storing all of your tenancy documentation.

In an industry where clear communication and comprehensive paper trails are crucial, Copo uses the latest technology to your advantage.