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As a landlord working with Copo, you’re referred to as a ‘business partner’ – and you’re treated like one. We both succeed together.  Property management is much more than a transaction over a property. It’s all about relationships. We want to see you prosper, so we work with you to look after your assets and realise a return on investment. We’d love to talk to you about making the most of your property portfolio, whether that’s one property or many.   Check out our Landlord FAQ’s here

Your biggest investment.

Owning a rental property or a portfolio of properties is exciting stuff! Dealing with tenants, can be tricky, especially if this isn’t your full-time job or your area of expertise.

Using a Copo property manager is the easiest way to have all the details of renting out your property looked after for you while you focus on your investment strategy. We treat each property as if it were our own, thoroughly screening prospective tenants, and ensuring they are looked after.  With both your property and your tenants being cared for proactively, you can focus on your investment goals. 

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“Your proactive inspections have ensured we have no maintenance surprises.”

– Bob Ulrichson, Newton

“Copo took control and sorted out the transfer of tenancy without any problems.”

– Sean Brosnahan, Northland


In an industry where trust and credibility are key, we think it’s important that you hear what our clients have to say about working with Copo through their testimonials.

First time investors.

If you’ve got your eye on a property that you’re ready to purchase, or you’re on that first rung of the investment ladder, give us a call. There is so much to learn about property investing, having tenants, your legal obligations, and your responsibilities regarding maintenance and tradespeople.

We’re happy to have an initial chat and answer any questions you may have. We’d love to help you grow your investment portfolio, even if you’re not yet sure about using a property manager.   Reading this detailed blog overview is a great start. 

Copo Property Management First Time Investors
Copo Property Management Internation Investors 

International Investors.

If you’ve purchased a property in New Zealand and are currently living overseas, having a Copo property manager is the best way to ensure your investment is looked after.

Having us available where your property is located means the whole process is easy and hassle-free for you. We’re able to liaise with your tenants, prospective tenants and any tradespeople required on the phone and in the same time zone. We stay up-to-date on all New Zealand property laws and rental legislation. And we can send you accurate photos and videos of how your property is being looked after. Get in touch if you need a Kiwi on the ground looking after your property.

Professional Landlords.

If you’ve been investing in property for a while, or you have a growing portfolio of properties to manage, you’ll easily see your return on investment by engaging with Copo.

Our property managers see you more as a business partner than a landlord, and we appreciate the entrepreneurial investment strategies you have in mind for your portfolio. We want to help your investments grow in value for you and look after the many day-to-day details that come with finding and having tenants, looking at rent reviews, conducting repairs and maintenance, and staying compliant with the complexities of the rental legislation in New Zealand.

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Using technology to your advantage.

Copo property managers use the latest technology to make your role as a landlord stress-free and streamlined. Our property management programs help us attract the best possible tenants for you, make processing applications easy and efficient, and provide a safe and secure way of storing all of your tenancy documentation. In an industry where clear communication and comprehensive paper trails are crucial, Copo uses the latest technology to your advantage.

Get in touch to see some of the sample reports we can prepare for you.

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