Property Managers Property Management Authority.

Agreement between Copo Property Managers and:

  • Terms & Conditions

    I/We hereby appoint NZ Property Agents Limited trading as Copo (herein after referred to as Copo) as Property Managers, to act as my/our property manager (“the agent”) on an exclusive agency basis, on the terms and conditions set out below.

    And I/We authorise and instruct you:
    1. To advertise for tenants, and to select the best applicant on merit and when necessary or appropriate to sign tenancy agreements on my/our behalf. To collect and to forward Bond to the relevant government department, and to refund to the tenant at the end of the tenancy any part of the bond as is in the agent’s judgment appropriate.
    2. To organise payment of rental payments to the owners account as and when they fall due for payment.
    3. To resolve any dispute with the tenant by negotiation or by attending mediation or by attending the Tenancy Tribunal.
    4. To pay all expenses and then invoice me/us for these outgoings.
    5. To effect repairs and maintenance to the rented property as and when these become necessary and in accordance with the following instructions:
      • Works of any kind up to the value of $500.00 plus GST. All other amounts to require my/our approval
      • Works in any emergency situation or to protect the property or to protect the health and safety of the tenant or as ordered by the Tenancy Tribunal shall not require my/our approval.
    6. I/We acknowledge that the minimum term of this authority is 6 months. This authority can be cancelled by either party with 1 months’ notice after the expiry of the minimum term.
    7. I/We acknowledge that by entering this agreement the agent does not accept liability for damage done to the property by the tenant or any other person, nor does the agent accept liability for the tenants failure to carry out any term of the tenancy agreement.
    8. I/We as owners acknowledge, that I/we indemnify the agent against all actions, claims, costs and expenses whatsoever, which may be taken or made against the agent in the course of and arising out of the proper performance of the agents duties as the property manager or the exercise of any powers, duties or authorities contained in this management authority.
    9. I/We as owners acknowledge, that if I/we place the rented property on the market for sale without first advising the agent, the agent may elect at their discretion to treat the management agreement as at an end and to give notice immediately confirming that decision.
    10. I/We as owners acknowledge and agree that if a dispute between the owner and the agent shall arise, which affects or concerns the safety of the tenant or the tenancy premises, and such dispute cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of the agent then the agent at the agents sole discretion shall have the right to terminate this management agreement, forthwith by the agent giving written notice to the owner in terms of this paragraph.
      • On all rent moneys collected 8% plus GST.
      • On disbursements, repairs or renovations paid with using rent receipted a fee of 10.0% plus GST of the repair/renovation cost. Where invoices are larger than available rent receipt to pay, the invoice is to be paid by the owner direct. No fees charged where owner must pay direct.
      • One off professional photography for advertising. The actual cost, no mark ups. Currently $161 plus GST.
      • For each inspection of the property, a fee of $55.00 plus GST.
      • Conduct a credit check where appropriate, at a charge $35 plus GST.
      • On turnover of tenants charge $385 plus GST, to include all online advertising, signs, flyers and promotional material. Reimburse Copo 100% of the actual costs of newspaper advertising, there are no mark ups.
      • All charges may be subject to variation with notice.
    1. I/We confirm that the details supplied in the property schedule are correct and I acknowledge that I have read and understood this management authority. Property schedule to be part of the management authority.
    2. Should there be any dispute between the parties of this agreement then a joint application will be made to the Disputes Tribunal for an impartial decision.
    3. I/We as part owner agree and warrant that I have the consent of any other owners to enter into this management agreement.
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