Honesty: The Most Important Feature Of A Property Listing

So, you want potential tenants to come and view your property. You might think that the best way to do this is to advertise the property online in a way that piques their interest and makes them want to know more. While that is completely true, the most important thing when it comes to listing a property is transparency. Exaggerating property features, or omitting important information is the enemy of transparency. Being transparent works in everyone’s favour — you’ll attract tenants who have a genuine interest in the property as described, and no one’s time will be wasted. Here’s why…


Attract the right tenants and avoid wasting their time.

Picture this — you advertise your three-bedroom property online, add a few photos, but don’t specify the size of the bedrooms. On the day of the property viewing, you have groups of potential tenants eager to check out the place. They’ve rescheduled their plans so they can make the viewing, but almost as soon as the potential tenants enter, they realise it’s not at all suitable for them. The backyard is unfenced to the road, and the photos did not show that – and the advert said it was “ideal for children” but, it’s not fenced! The hot water tank is an old 1950s low-pressure system. Plus, it’s clear why there was no picture of the kitchen in the advertising… it’s incredibly old.


Now, you have to face up, deal with their disgruntledness, and answer their questions about why the listing didn’t state this in the first place. Instead of a bunch of potential tenant groups to choose from, you’re left with none. Why are you left with none though? There may have been a potential group of tenants at the viewing who would have loved to live there, but are now in the middle of a negative conversation. Why would you rent a house from someone who tries to hide reality? What else is hidden?


Ensuring the listing is as specific as possible is the best way to attract the right tenants who want what you have for rent. Nothing is more frustrating than feeling like your time has been wasted, and if potential tenants feel that way after coming to your viewing, it reflects badly on the property manager. Whether the applicants are successful or not, you want their experience to be a good one.


Be honest about the property

What’s the one thing that tenants are looking for in a property advert? It’s not a double garage or a walk-in wardrobe… it’s honesty. If the access to the property is via 100 steps, then say that. Own the negative, celebrate the negative, and wrap it in a positive. For example, “the access will keep you fit as it’s 100 steps from your car to your new home, with outstanding city-wide views as your reward at the top”. If the property is really old, then say it’s really old — but highlight how it has beautiful character and distinctive features that are unique to that time period while still being Healthy Homes Compliant. Be honest and let people know what to expect before they show up to the viewing.


How do you make your property listing more transparent?

So now you understand why it’s important for your listing to be transparent, but how do you do it? Here’s a few helpful tips:


  • Take marvellous photos of the property inside and out, not just ones that are ‘good’. All Copo Property Management Packages include professional photography.


  • Ensure the copy is expressive and enticing. Speak about the features of your property and explain what the benefits are. For example, why is it good to mention you have gas infinity hot water? Have you ever been the third person to have a shower and the electric hot water tank is empty!


  • Be available to be contacted. Potential tenants may want their questions answered before they book a viewing – answer the phone, reply to emails, and get in while the query is hot.


Advertising your property online isn’t as easy as just chucking up a few photos taken on a rainy day on your smartphone and listing out the fixtures and chattels. To ensure the process is straightforward for both you and potential tenants, it’s important that the listing is crafted carefully to answer as many questions that a tenant may have before they book a viewing. Here at Copo, we’ll take the process off your hands entirely which gives you one less thing to worry about. To find out more, reach out to us via hello@copo.nz