Write A Rental Property Advert

Advertise! It’s Time To Tell The World You’re Ready To Rent.  

Gone are the days when advertisements when a rental property advert was a few lines in the local newspaper.  The larger the reach of your advertisement the more people will know the property is for rent.  When priced right, with attractive photos, and a good description, people who want to live in your area will want to view your property.

Before viewing, you want prospective Tenants to understand as much as possible about the house. Clear professionally taken photos and a detailed description of the features are important.

 A Few Tips

Just because you have 20 photos don’t publish them all. Choose the photos that show the best features of the property. Features that help to sell the attractiveness of your property:

  • The water, or bush views
  • Modern kitchen with heaps of storage
  • A large lounge that opens to a sunny deck
  • Easy walk-on access with lots of parking
  • Fenced section to keep the pets and young children secure.

Features that are important for a tenant to know if a house is worth viewing or not could include:

  • Gas hot water, never have a cold shower again
  • Gardener included, so you relax in the garden, rather than maintain it
  • Whiteware is included, so you don’t need to buy your own
  • Bedroom sizes, single, double, king. If it’s a small bedroom say so.

There is no need to show photos of the toilet with the seat up!! Goodness no!! The clearer the advert, the faster you advertise, and the sooner you will have Tenants applying to live in your property. Remember, if there are negatives, mention them, and wrap those negatives in a positive. Honesty works!

Our property managers have vast experience in selling a property’s features to prospective tenants when we meet. Our professional photographers are economically priced and provide wonderful advertising shots that can be used time and time again. 

We advertise our properties with the largest domains in the country, ensuring everyone who wants to live in the suburb your property is in, knows the property is available.  

Reach out, say hello, and let us look after your tenants and your investment property for you. Contact us, Switch to us, or call us today on 0800 567 563.